Newport Band Program

Welcome to the Newport High School Band in Bellevue, Washington.

The Newport Band Program is made up of hundreds of talented, motivated and energetic high school students. The program has a long running tradition of producing highly refined and gifted performing musicians. Band students at Newport are given the amazing opportunity to play and compete in a variety of quality ensembles, receive excellent instruction, perform in a variety of unique and exciting venues and represent their community all across the country.

Students who participate in our program are automatically inducted into the fantastic Newport  Marching Band as well as our grade-level based large ensemble classrooms. In addition, students can audition for our exciting Jazz program. What’s more, students have the chance to perform for local events, including school basketball games, assemblies, solo and ensemble festivals, and much more.

And for our student athletes, we make it easy to be both athletic and musical, by accommodating practice and game schedules as much as possible, to allow for the broadest participation.

2019 Newport Band Gala!

2019 Newport Band Gala Fundraiser

Expanding how students learn music

Newport Band Parents Association (NBPA) augments the musical opportunities for all band students to increase their knowledge and skills while building harmony and community through shared experiences.

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  • "Band was comprised of so many different things, but my favorites had to be getting front row seats to every assembly and home football game, starting dance competitions during practices, and those infamous skit nights at Cispus. We were a family (everyone always says that and it's true) and I could never forget the memories I made during my four years as a part of Newport Pride." - Kaitlin YauKaitlin graduated from Newport High School in 2016 and is currently a freshman at the University of Washington majoring in Marketing with a minor in Nutritional Science.
  • "For me, band was always the place where I could show who I was. It was the only place where I could communicate to people what my inner feelings were, while also bringing joy to the listeners and myself. I believe that life is all about communication, and one of the most effective forms of communication is music. What makes band special is that it provides people with the opportunities to find and express who they are, or just have a good time with their friends. Band inspired me to pursue music for my career, and now I am at Berklee College of Music pursuing a major in Trombone Performance." - Auden D.
  • "Band, to me, means community. I was never really a big music person, but I fell in love with my clarinet family, and that’s why I continued with band for all four years of high school. It was a place where I could just be myself and no one would judge me for it because we were all kind of weird in our own ways. Band was a place where we all struggled together through long rehearsals and dealt with marching band practices in cold weather. This is how we became close. Currently, I am attending Oxford College of Emory University where I am studying Business and Psychology. I have not yet officially declared a major, but I am on the Pre-Business track." - Sally Kim


We are dedicated to enhancing the NHS band program.