Competitive Marching Band

Competitive Marching Band is composed of all freshman and any other student who would are interested in competitive marching. Members of the Competitive Marching Band prepare and memorize a seven to ten minute field show, including brass, woodwinds, color guard, drumline, and front ensemble. These shows are often commissioned just for our students, with original music and visuals performed every year.

Students will be expected to attend several evening rehearsals outside of school in addition to weekend competitions during the Fall. The attention to detail and the complexity of these shows requires extra staff hired by the directors to work with our students.

Competitive Band members are not required to attend the entirety of home football games. They perform part or all of the show for half-time and are dismissed afterwards.

Pep Band

Pep Band is composed of any sophomores, juniors, or seniors who will march for band during football games and such, but will not compete. Members of the Pep Band have a lower time commitment than Competitive Marching Band members. These students provide an important service for our school community – music and excitement at athletic events! These students will spend class time preparing Pep music and attend all home football games to perform. Pep Band performances include marching down before the game, a short pre-game performance, and playing in the stands throughout the entire game.