Our Guiding Principles

  • Develop the classroom experience that appropriately challenges and encourages every student
  • Provide unique, life-changing local, national, and international performance opportunities
  • Maintain consistently high standards in order to develop model citizens

The Newport Pride Marching Band

Every student can march, every student can perform

  • Exceptions possible for students with significant conflicts

The Friday Night Experience

  • Awesome sounding Pep band
  • Exciting Half-time performances
  • Post-game Pep Rally

More visibility in our community

  • Ambassadors of our school
  • Parades, local, regional, national, and international

Newport Concert Bands

Every student receives instruction appropriate for their level

  • More coaches/sectionals
  • Improved individual accountability
  • Considering the need for four ensemble classes

The Wind Ensemble is the premiere concert band, designed to provide members access to advanced repertoire

  • Peak performance opportunities
  • College-ready musicianship and rehearsals
  • Guest artist/composer/conductor experiences

Newport Jazz Bands

Provide focused instruction in the areas of jazz ensemble and improvisation

  • Increased coaches/clinics/guest directors
  • Required sectionals for Jazz 1
  • More organized performance opportunities for combos

Foster a premier Jazz Ensemble in our region

  • Auditioning for both regional and national festivals